With over ten years of experience in the healthcare sector, we have the expertise to implement efficient and integrated solutions for your business.

By utilizing industry best practices and Service Oriented Architecture, we can automate health insurance administration and replace legacy mainframe systems. We successfully have done so for BC’s largest health insurance provider, delivering both under budget and ahead of schedule.

As healthcare changes, more demand is being placed on the ability to be mobile in data collection. We can build tools that operate on any device, allowing you to streamline your operational data collection. Recently, we built a Software platform, which operated both as a mobile app and web enabled tool for a large healthcare supplier’s auditing and reporting.

Whatever your needs, we can design and document enterprise architectures and system integration to help move your business forward. We helped achieve this with one of BC’s leading providers of health and dental insurance, delivering under budget and ahead of schedule during a critical phase of a multi-million dollar project.

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