Financial services

Financial services institutions are facing increased demands to provide secure, global, personalized and instantaneous access to information.

Our proven track record in the financial services industry can help you to face common challenges such as channel integration and straight-through processing with confidence. Our largest ESB installation, created for a major financial institution, has been both error and maintenance free for over two years.

Our systems can help you:

  • Integrate applications and systems internally and externally
  • Allow IT departments to access and share data instead of existing in silos
  • Streamline or automate routine operations to save costs
  • Create seamless systems to increase service levels
  • Run more efficient systems with less downtime, increasing customer satisfaction

By creating a more agile, secure, and scalable system, you are positioned to better maintain global, 24/7 services that can meet your customers needs and expectations. And through integrating data, you get a complete view of your customer, which helps you better target offers to meet their needs.


Learn more about our work with Temenos, a leader in global banking solutions, that has a network of over 1,600 installations in over 150 countries.

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