Jay-Ann Gilfoy (Fordy)

Chief Transformation Officer, Coast Capital Savings

“World West came to work with Coast Capital Savings to help solve a technical problem between a new software system we had purchased and its ability to interact with existing systems effectively.

“They did an excellent job creating a product that has been working effectively for us through the project design, testing and implementation period. They have provided invaluable guidance to the team and are very service oriented.”


Jing Zhang

BizTalk Specialist, Vancity (Inventure Solutions)

“World West is one of the most talent development teams I’ve ever worked with. Not only do they have an architect’s vision and high-level thinking, but also a brilliant coding abilities.

“Combining with their deep understanding and experience in release management, go-live support, team building, and strong leadership, they provided a well-respected technical leader at Pacific Blue Cross. I am sure they will be a GEM for any kind of software development team. I highly recommend them!”


Matt Everard

Consultant, Project Manager at HSBC

“World West Technologies has one of the most gifted software architects and development leads I’ve ever worked with. In addition to being wicked smart, witty, and a pleasure to be around, he is attacks problems with a vigor that few possess and wrestles complex issues to the ground. In the three years we worked together, he was essential to my team’s success. I look forward to working with Darren, and World West, in the future.”


David Mitchell

Systems Engineer at HSBC (formerly Coast Capital Savings)

“World West Technologies receives top marks for their turnkey Enterprise Service Bus solution now in production at Coast Capital Savings. Their ESB was masterfully deployed, tested and enhanced on the fly all the while conforming to a rigid change process. Congratulations on your tremendously successful deployment!”


Vlad Kovalchuk

Software QA and Testing consultant, Coast Capital Savings

“World West provided dynamic interfaces solution for T24 conversion project with Coast Capital Savings. They are extremely knowledgeable in advanced technologies and have a unique vision. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They are visionary and get things done on time, on schedule and on budget. Their solutions are elegant and their code works and therefore less work for testers and more enjoyable for business.”

Erik Bergstrome

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Coast Capital Savings

“We hired World West Technologies to build us a SOAP server for one of our largest IT initiatives. They did a great job and were a valuable partner to the organization. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”



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